Saturday, September 20, 2014

Ground Zero

holy large picture batman
spent all night doing this, im gonna go cry from sleep deprivation

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Monk Character

Wei Tai Fu is a new character I've made, not 100% sure on the outfit or hair, But I'm content for now.

Saturday, September 13, 2014


A slight redesign of one of my character + showing off the clothes she wears under her normal outfit.
Was just going to be a reference for me, so I could remember her noe elf ears and whatnot,  but I figured I’d upload it, Cause why not
and I guess if you want to know a bit more about her there’s this thing here 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Updated Commission info

What I won't draw:
-Egg laying
-Prolapse anything
-Excessive body proportions


Bust shot (Waist Up or waist down) = $6

Full Body Pin up = $10

Full Body Posing = $12


Additional Bust character (Waist up or Wasit down)= +$3

Additional Full Body Character = +$8

Base Color Job = +$5

Line Art:

Bust Shot = $15

Full Body Pin Up = $25

Full Body Posing = $27


Additional Bust character (Waist up or Waist down = +$10

Additional Full Body Character = +$15

Base Color Job = +$10

Base Color w/ Highlights = +$12

Light Cel Shading Full Color (My Favorite)= +$15

Full Color w/ Shading = +$25

Exotic Clothes (Armor, Fancy attire, Frills, Lace etc. High detail) = +$15 or more (Depending on detail)

Simple Background = $15

Extra Panels (X-rays, Closeups) = +$5

If there's a certain pose or scene that you want me to draw, A reference would be appreciated.
However work is much easier on me with the more freedom I'm given (And work should ge faster and easier.)

Since I draw most nude characters simple clothing such as, plain tops/bottoms,
underwear or other similar things is free

Some prices may change depending on the level of detail of the picture.

There might be some other things I won't draw that I can't actually think of
right now.

10% discount on prices if you buy commissions in bulk (Four or more pictures in total)

Just to make it easier for me, the more creative freedom you give me on a commission, The more fun I'll probably have.

If you want to commission me, email me at

If you've any questions just ask. :)

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


In my adventure to create many characters to inhabit my made up universe in my head I have found myself in the wonderful world of goo people.
I'm working on making a whole race to go with this, But for now I'm just drawing her, She doesnt really have a name yet, But I was thinking of something that sounds flower-y, Idk
anyway enjoy

Friday, April 11, 2014

Ninja Cat Femboi

No context needed other than I drew this and I feel in love with the design, shut up

Monday, March 31, 2014

Commission: Videl enjoys her time in Blooming Fields

New commission, This time of Sakura and Videl, Because why not?
I almost couldnt come up with a witty title for this one.
I'm losing my touch.
On the plus side, I like the shading on this one for once, I mean look at videls boob, It looks rad.